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Health Measures

For in-person appointments

Centered In Health is committed to providing quality health care in a clean and comfortable environment. Please read below to see how we ensure your health is supported. 


We are no longer screening for symptoms of illness but simply ask that clients use their best judgement and reschedule if feeling unwell. 

Masks & 

Your Physiotherapist is always happy to wear a mask upon request. 

Clients are also welcome to wear masks if preferred but this is left solely to client discretion. 

Hand sanitizer as well as washing facilities are available for clients and staff and the private room and equipment is sanitized between each client. Fabric items are laundered as per best practice guidelines. 

Access to services

Physiotherapy services continue to be available for in-person appointments.


Physiotherapy is an 'Out of Scope' discipline for the Restrictions Exemption Program, which means vaccine status does not limit access to physiotherapy care.

Telehealth (virtual) physiotherapy sessions are available for those who do not wish to attend in-person appointments at this time. 

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